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Minggu, 22 April 2012

About SMKN 1 Katapang

SMKN 1 Katapang was built in 1999 with the name was SMKN 4 Soreang,
one of New Bulding Unit and used LOAN OCF project  given by Japan Government.

In the year  1999/2000 started  receiving registration new students at SMPN 1 Katapang for Technology of Finishing Textile. Technique of Industrial Electronic, Machining and Automotive. The total of the new students after being selected was 144.

In the year 2000/2001 SMKN 4 Soreang had New buiding Unit located at   Jalan Ceuri Terusan Kopo KM 13,5 Desa Katapang, Kecamatan Katapang Kabupaten Bandung.

The inugrtion of the building was attended by local authorities from bandung regency and from West Java Profince and so from Department of National  Education.

The end of the year 2000, SMKN 4 Katapang, its name was changed by a new one based on the formal letter from Directorate of National Education of Republic of Indonesia became SMKN 1 Katapang of Bandung Regency.

In the Year  2001/2002 was established new skill program; Technique Mechanic Automotive

In the year 2001/2002siswa SMKN 1 Katapang corporated with Dirgantara Indonesia , PINDAD, INTI, Telecomunication, Hanjaya CemicaL Companies and with others, relevan with the skill programs conducted on the job training for the 3rd students for 6 months.

Since  1999 up to now  SMKN 1 Katapang students obtaiened a lot  of prestation, prizes and medals from scout , Aotocad, welder, Automitive competitons and others.

In the year   2006/2007, SMKN 1 Katapang had 5 skil programs and the new one   was Technique of networking computer .  


Being an Internasional Vocational High School Standard, as a centre  faitful Human Recources Development and masters science and technology,professional quality, and has wide environment knowledge and able to compete in global maket


1.      Creating students who have been faithful and belief to the only one God, have good self confidance and high attitude
2.      Improving students’ propessionalism and mastering science and Technology in line with their skill programs chosen
3.      Creating skill graduates, standing alone, having wide knowledge and competation
4.      Providing students who have high amphaty in maintening and serving their enveronment


1.      Preparing the students in order to be good selft confidance ,stand alone, skill, high attitude so that they are able to  creat field of work and meet the need of work.
2.      Preparing students in order to be high spirit human resources in competiton and developing professionalism in line with the skill program chosen.
3.      Educating   the students with scienceand technology and attitude valiu through extra curricular in order that the students are able to develop themselves, meet the needs of world of work and continue their study to Universities,Polytechnic etc
4.      Preparing students in order to have high care in maintening and lasting  environment


Dicipline - Study - Train - Work - Inovative

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